Plus size wedding dresses: flatter the figure and hide the imperfections

Plus size wedding dresses: flatter the figure and hide the imperfections

To date, salons offer a variety of dresses for brides in any size. If you are the owner of curvy shapes, this can be beautifully and favorably emphasized. The main thing is to choose the right style and color.

Choosing a dress style

A successful look depends largely on the silhouette of the dress.

The 2023 bridal collections are made up of designs that will make you look more elegant and sophisticated. There is an unspoken rule: for girls with curvy shapes the skirt of the dress should be slightly wider than the level of the hips, ideally – freely go down with flounces.

The best solution would be an A-line wedding dress (it is also called a Princess). This is a simple but very elegant option that can be diluted with decorations: embroidery, flowers, lace. Give preference to the small ornamentation, avoid large and massive accents.

We also recommend paying attention to the Greek Empire style – a straight and concise silhouette, without unnecessary details. Empire style beautifully emphasizes the chest, and generally balances the figure. A wedding dress will look well with a strict neckline, decorated or pleated skirt.

More about the material

After having decided on the style, pay attention to the material of the dress. It should not be very dense, so as not to “burden” the image. Taboo – glossy and sparkling fabrics such as brocade, velvet, etc.

Ideally, choose a light, thin and flowing material that will fit to the body, but not tight to it, hiding imperfections. Satin, crepe, chiffon, two-layer models of satin and lace look harmonious. If you want something airier, bet on organza.

What about color?

A white wedding dress is considered a classic. But curvy women can also choose to dress in other cool shades of white that blend perfectly with the color of the skin, eyes and hair.

Do not forget about the color type:

  • if you have blond hair, shades of silver and pink will do;
  • red-haired girls to face the color of champagne, cream, ivory;
  • for brunettes, it is better to choose any milky and creamy shades.

Warm colors (champagne, ivory, beige) are not recommended. You can experiment: make the image fresher due to advantageous accents. Especially if the wedding ceremony will be held outdoors.

Some more tips

We advise to “break” the lines with asymmetry to the maximum.

For this purpose, fine embroidery or drapery is used. Avoid wide and rather deep necklines. Models that do not have straps can hold the chest poorly, as well as “pull” the silhouette. If necessary, sleeves, a cape or a bolero will help you cover your shoulders. Moreover, a veil, a scarf and a light cardigan casually thrown over the shoulders are suitable as well.

Models to the floor are preferred, but the beauty of the legs will be emphasized by a short dress with high heels. A fluffy skirt will overload the image, so bet on a train instead. The chest looks pretty advantageous in a corset. Pay attention to jewelry: it will be a good addition to the image.

What should not be done?

What should beware of overweighed girls in a wedding dress?

Thin straps, bows, rhinestones and ruffles, massive drapery, especially in the belly area, lantern sleeves. Not very good options: this is a puffy dress and a fishtail dress. If you buy a dress long before the wedding, don’t forget to take measurements again a couple of weeks in advance – if the proportions have changed, the dress needs to be sutured. This is done by specialists from the wedding salon.

Don’t forget that your shapes are a highlight, not an imperfection. Be patient and try on as many different dresses as possible. Flattering the figure and hiding the imperfections with the help of a dress, you will be the most beautiful bride!

Plus size wedding dresses: flatter the figure and hide the imperfections