Silhouettes of wedding dresses

Silhouettes of wedding dresses

Do you dream of a perfect wedding, but don’t know what style of dress to choose? Today we are talking about the main silhouettes of dresses.

A puffy wedding dress

A puffy wedding dress is considered to be a classic and is ideal for a solemn ceremony. This style is distinguished by a fluffy skirt cut that starts from the waistline. “Splendor” is achieved in one of three ways: multi-layered fabric, the presence of crinoline or petticoats on 2-4 rings. The last option is the most convenient, as it does not allow you to get confused in the layers of fabric.

For sewing dresses, silk and satin are more often used – these fabrics keep their shape well. The effect of a flying skirt is achieved through chiffon. Ruffles and frills are obligatory attributes. The bottom can be smooth or draped. The corset will emphasize the waist, and the neckline – the chest and shoulder area. Rhinestones, stones, beads and embroidery are used as decor.

A-line dress

In an A-line wedding dress, the bride will look beautiful and solemn. It differs from the previous version by a softer transition from the corset to the skirt – the vertical line of the cut forms a trapezoidal silhouette. Often this model has a corset or lacing, which is adjustable according to the figure. The loose fit is comfortable for movement and dancing at the wedding.

The upper part of the A-line dress can be different: with a modest neckline, deep neckline, open back, straps and any sleeve options. Many materials are suitable for such a cut: chiffon, mikado, crepe, satin, glitter. To enhance the contrast of colors, belts, bows and lace are used.

Dress Rybka

The Rybka silhouette was named for its resemblance to a fish tail. This is a wedding dress with a tight-fitting top to mid-thigh and a flared skirt. The “tail” is the main decorative detail and can turn into a luxurious plume. There are three variants of the silhouette: godet – the presence of solid wedges, flamenco – flounces located at several levels, cut-off style – it is based on the silhouette of a sheath dress.

The top of the dress is made in any version: a closed version with lace sleeves, a corset bodice, a neckline with an open back, straps of different thicknesses in combination with gloves. Do not “overload” the shoulder area. You can also experiment with the lower part of the skirt: make it round, fluffy, with a cascade of waves or a train. The image is beautifully emphasized by high heels.

Straight wedding dress

The straight-cut wedding dress hugs the hips and falls down in a straight line. When sewing, light fabric is used: satin, flowing silk or brocade. To make it convenient for the bride to move, a high slit can be made on the skirt. In this case, a petticoat is not needed, unlike sleeves, which will look very advantageous, especially at a church wedding.

A straight wedding dress has a lot of finishing options. Due to the universal cut, the bride can create almost any image. The sophistication of the silhouette will be emphasized by the general decor of the dress: stones, rhinestones, sequins, appliqués, drapery, velvet embroidery. There are also decorations made of light fabric: chiffon, lace, organza and others.

Empire style dress

Wedding dresses in the Greek style are called Empire style. They fit the figure, and at the bottom expand and pass into a free-flowing skirt. They have a slightly high waist, and the main emphasis is on the belt under the bust. Often worn with a shawl, bolero or beautiful cape.

Empire dress will emphasize your beauty, tenderness and naturalness. It does not constrain movements, so it will be easy and comfortable for you to wear it. A great solution is to complement the image with bows, rhinestones or stones. The bodice is made of dense, more textured fabric than the lower part of the dress. It can be open, closed or asymmetrical, with sleeves of different styles and lengths.

Short wedding dress

A short wedding dress is not a traditional outfit, which is gaining popularity in Europe from year to year. The model has a skirt length from the middle of the knee and above. Bold color, asymmetrical cut and tiered hem add boldness to the look. The slit on the skirt looks good.

Many options allow you to choose the option to your taste: tight dresses in the style of Marilyn Monroe, models with a “torn” skirt, in the style of the 60s and others. A short dress suits a bright stylized wedding, especially in combination with colored elements: ribbons, bows and flowers.

Silhouettes of wedding dresses