How to choose a wedding dress according to the color type

How to choose a wedding dress according to the color type

Each girl has her own color type – it depends on the shade of the skin, eyes, lips, hair and together creates a single background. The classification of color types consists of 4 options and is determined by the seasons: spring, summer, autumn, winter. To look beautiful and harmonious, you need to choose clothes based on your color type. A wedding dress is no exception.

Wedding dress by the spring color type

Girls with the spring color type have golden skin, gray, blue or green eyes, light eyebrows, and hair in shades of blond, straw, red and light brown. They tend to have freckles or a slight flush.

Color type examples: Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Kidman.

A wedding dress for the spring color type should be selected in such a way as to emphasize its “juiciness”, but also not to overdo it so that the image does not look dull. The ideal palette of colors consists of pastel shades: ivory, champagne, golden, peach, pale pink. As a bright contrast, you can choose colors such as azure, warm orange and chocolate. Avoid cold tones. Light and airy wedding dresses are suitable for this color type. Of the fabrics, you should pay attention to silk, satin and lace. As for the silhouette, the transformer dress, puffy dress, classic fish are the winners.

Wedding dress by the summer color type

Characteristic features of the summer color type: cold-colored hair (blond, ash, dark), light eyes (gray, brown), bronze skin. Such girls are not afraid of the sun, and also quickly sunbathe.

Color type examples: Kate Hudson, Reese Witherspoon.

The summer color type is more suitable for a cold palette of colors. These are: combinations of white with pearl, blue, blue, shades of pink and yellow. Also a good option would be an ivory dress, milk, beige, silver and purple, coffee with milk, ivory. A sharp contrast can muffle the natural tenderness of the color type. The style of a wedding dress should be sophisticated and refined – with feathers, ribbons and frills. Give preference to a subtle texture, decorated frill. Shine will create fabrics such as cambric, organza, silk, chiffon, velvet.

Wedding dress by the autumn color type

Girls with an “autumn” appearance are distinguished by soft facial features, skin of a golden or olive hue, warm eye color (gray, brown, amber). Hair can be either copper-colored or red, red, brown. A light tan further emphasizes the beauty of the type.

Color type examples: Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore.

When choosing a wedding dress, you can rely on matte fabric, with a heavier structure and large decor, preferably handmade. We recommend making a choice towards taffeta, velvet, suede in combination with satin. But a simple and concise style is also suitable. It is better to choose a wedding dress in white, cream or cream shade. In contrast, champagne, gold, olive, light orange, carmine, aquamarine or gray will look pretty nice.

Wedding dress by the winter color type

The main features for the winter appearance type are dark hair (brown, black), white skin, light or, conversely, dark eyes. This color type is based on a play of contrasts. For example, a combination of blue eyes with charcoal hair, or, conversely, a platinum blond with brown eyes.

Color type examples: Jennifer Lopez, Monica Bellucci.

Preference should be given to a wedding dress that will enhance the contrast. The ideal color is snow white. It is better to choose a monophonic outfit, but a combination of two (maximum three shades) is also allowed. The style of the dress can be strict, elegant and somewhat edgy. Clear lines, geometry in decor, light futuristic design are welcome. If you chose the second color combination option, give preference to dark shades: blue, red, cherry, chocolate, purple. Avoid tones such as beige, gray, milky, sand – they will not emphasize your beauty.

How to choose a wedding dress according to the color type