How to care for your wedding dress?

How to care for your wedding dress?

A wedding dress is a rather difficult thing to care for. This is due to the quality and color of the fabric, the complex cut, as well as the abundance of decor. Today we are going to share with you the secrets that will help you keep your wedding dress in good condition before, during and after the wedding.

Dress care before the wedding

The dress you bought in the salon can be picked up immediately or you can arrange for its delivery the next day (when it comes to figure correction).

The second option is preferable – if the product is in the salon, specialists will keep its perfect appearance, and you will not have to look for free space in the closet. If you still decide to leave the dress at home before the wedding, fitting and other manipulations with it should be kept to a minimum.

Hang the dress on a hanger using the loops inside the side seams. Use a new cotton case for storage. If the wedding dress is wrinkled during transportation, leave it straightened overnight. Make sure that the fabric is not exposed to light and moisture. Use a steamer if your wrinkles are deep enough. Gentle exposure to steam at a distance will help solve the problem.

We recommend choosing a dry cleaner in advance – you will already have contacts in case you need urgent help. And don’t forget the manufacturer’s care label. This information will be helpful.

Dress care during the wedding

In the morning, during the gathering, put on a dress, after covering your face with a clean napkin, handkerchief or towel. This will protect the fabric from cosmetics. If you need to touch up your makeup later, drape a clean cloth over it. Wear bulky jewelry carefully – so as not to damage the decor. Make sure that there are no traces of perfume on the dress.

At the ceremonial part, try to stay away from food, drinks and animals. Choose and buy a stain remover. The stain remover, which does not contain bleaching elements, will help to spot clean the dress. Test it on a small area of fabric beforehand to make sure it works. Do not use soap, wet wipes, or harsh chemical solutions.

It is better not to touch the dust on the hem of the dress, but gently brush it off. Stains from water, juice and wine can be blotted with a clean paper towel. Traces of cosmetics are well removed with alcohol applied to a sponge or cotton pad. For oily stains, sprinkle a little salt on them. But don’t rub the surface too hard. Remember that it is better to remove any stains immediately, as it will be much more difficult to do this later.

Our top tip is to relax! Even if something goes wrong at the wedding, the problem can be solved, but the mood is more complicated.

Dress care after the wedding

Dry cleaning is the safest and most convenient way to take care of your dress after the wedding. You need to hand it over, even if it seems to you that it is absolutely clean. Over time, the smallest and most inconspicuous spots will begin to appear, turn yellow. And with the help of dry cleaning, you can not only clean the fabric from dirt, but also keep the decor in perfect shape: beads, rhinestones, lace.

Specialists use chemicals that do not harm the fabric. In addition to washing, they can do repairs, iron, steam and pack the outfit in protective packaging. It is categorically not recommended to wash a wedding dress at home, even if it does not contain a corset, petticoats and other complex elements. Without professional care, the fabric will fade and lose its shape.

What to do with the dress after dry cleaning? There are many options: give it to a friend, sell it, rent it out or to a thrift store, or pass it on by inheritance. The original idea is to make a photo shoot in a bright location.

If you decide to store your dress at home, pack it properly. Use a large box, try not to create unnecessary wrinkles, pre-wrap the product with white muslin cloth. It can be stored in this form for many years.

A wedding is an important event in the life of every girl. To look 100%, it is important to foresee the nuances, especially to pay attention to the wedding dress. We hope that our tips will make preparing for the wedding easier!

How to care for your wedding dress?