European style wedding dresses

European style wedding dresses

Wedding fashion in Europe has distinctive features. Despite this, all brides are united by a good sense of taste and moderation in the look.


In France, when creating a wedding outfit, brides focus on harmony, elegance and sophistication. There is no place for excesses of many details – only geometry, simple lines and laconic silhouettes.

All attention is paid to the quality and cut of the fabric, as well as the choice of accessories. Each line should favorably emphasize the curves of the girl’s figure. Due to this, the outfit looks minimalistic, but at the same time – expensive and spectacular. The material used is chiffon, organza, satin. The traditional French veil is replaced with a light hat or wreath of flowers, and the number of accessories is minimized.

Great Britain

Great Britain is a royal country, and wedding fashion is appropriate here.

Brides look like real ladies, choosing classics – a conservative version of the dress that does not tolerate changes. It is distinguished by modesty, restraint and aristocracy. Models with sleeves, a closed neckline, and a long skirt predominate. An open bodice, high cuts on the hem, transparent and translucent fabrics are not welcome. The maximum that a girl can afford is to open her neck and collarbones. The main color is white, and it is undesirable to deviate from it. Lace and filigree embroidery are used as the decoration. The traditional element of the outfit is a plume.


Italian wedding style is a combination of femininity, sensuality and passion. Emphasis is placed on the figure of the bride.

Designers pay great attention to the quality of the fabric. It is in most cases natural: silk, satin, taffeta. Traditionally, dresses are sewn in white, but in recent years, brides have chosen other shades: ivory, milk, ivory. The wedding outfit is not overloaded with decorations. It can be beads, lace, appliqu├ęs. Light ruffles, frills or fabric flowers add a touch of charm to the look. The emphasis is also on the headdress in the form of a long veil. Make-up should be natural, without bright colors.


A wedding in Spain is always a bright and cheerful event.

Here, brides choose tight-fitting models of dresses, fitted at the top and tight-fitting at the hips, with an emphasis on the waist. Styles such as Fishline or Mermaid dresses are most suitable. The skirt should be airy and necessarily multi-layered, with a long train that can be unfastened during dinner or dancing. The combination of unusual colors in the wedding image conveys the peculiarity of the Spanish flavor. For tailoring dresses, fashion designers choose heavier fabrics: crepe, brocade, satin, jacquard. An indispensable element is a shawl, mantilla, jacket or bolero.


Greek style is about lightness, simplicity and convenience.

Wedding dresses are distinguished by a straight cut, a high waist and a floor-length skirt. Such models gently fit the chest line and go down the waist, hips, legs in free folds. Drapery on the bodice (horizontal or vertical), a beautiful belt (perhaps in a different color) and trim that matches the style will help emphasize the outfit. The decor on the dress should be modest, often embroidered with silver or golden thread. Some brides opt for a plume, a veil, or a wreath of fresh flowers. There is no place for heavy fabrics, tight corsets and fluffy skirts.


Brides from Germany rely on a democratic outfit: short wedding dresses, simple evening suits with both skirt and trousers. Girls value comfort and do not depend on the opinions of other people.

For tailoring, tulle, chiffon, organza are used. Many models are with an open back. If the outfit contains lace inserts, they must be handmade. The lightness of the fabric makes the decor heavier: embroidery, floral and plant motifs. On top of a wedding dress or suit, you can put on a shawl, raincoat (depending on the weather). A restrained style prevails in jewelry and hair: pearl hair jewelry, tiaras and diadems, as well as earrings, rings and bracelets with precious stones.

European style wedding dresses