Boho style wedding

Boho style wedding

Stylized weddings in Europe remain at the peak of popularity. A special place among them is occupied by the Boho style. It is chosen by creative couples who love freedom and want to emphasize their individuality.

Boho philosophy

Boho is a philosophy of life based on freedom, comfort and independence. The rejection of generally accepted fashion trends intersects with naturalness, sustainability and care for the environment. The main elements of the style are the combination of hippie aesthetics, ethnicity and classic denim.

Boho denies everything expensive, bohemian and classic. Emphasis is placed on the layering of clothing, the combination of different things and textures in one image. Natural materials, natural colors, maxi dresses, simple and comfortable shoes, a large number of bright and bold jewelry will be appropriate here. The only limitation is just your imagination.

Brief history

For the first time, the bohemian Boho style was heard in Europe, in the 17th century. At that time, gypsies lived in poor neighborhoods on the outskirts of cities. They ignored the rules – lifestyle was closely intertwined with the style of clothing. Layered things were in fashion, with a free cut, outfits from puffy skirts and trousers.

After the French Revolution, the Boho style began to attract all free-thinking people: poets, musicians, artists. They did not have enough money for gloss, and in order to maintain their status, they were looking for a way to make stylish looks from inexpensive but comfortable things. The development of style in the 20th century was influenced by the hippie philosophy – its representatives believed that what nature gives them was enough for happiness. Today Boho style has not exhausted itself. On the contrary, it “migrated” to the European wedding industry and firmly established itself there.

Boho in a modern wedding

A boho style wedding is best celebrated in nature, in the open air.

As a location, it is worth considering a summer house, a country house, a restaurant with an adjacent territory or special areas for recreation. In the design, use natural materials: stone, wood.

The main element of the decor is textiles: carpets, tapestries, colorful pillows and blankets. Fabrics should be with ornaments, floral or animal prints. Garlands, hanging lanterns, feathers, ribbons and dream catchers will not be superfluous. More than ever, macrame and patchwork products are in demand. To create a comfortable atmosphere, decorate the recreation area with pouffes, hammocks, swings. A background for a photo will help to create vintage vases, bottles with decor, beadwork or ceramics.

Floristry is based on a combination of greenery, dried flowers, berries, ears of corn and other exotic asymmetrical flowers. There are no strict requirements for colors – any bright combinations are acceptable.

The image of the bride in the Boho style

A bride who has chosen the Boho style will look light, feminine and elegant. Wedding dresses are distinguished by a combination of natural fabrics, free cut, lack of unnecessary details and natural colors. They are multi-layered, do not hinder movement, have ethnic patterns and motifs, as well as a large amount of lace and embroidery.

When choosing shoes, give preference to wedges or low heels, and even better, stay barefoot. Massiveness is appropriate in jewelry: large earrings, pendants, bracelets, beads, cuffs and other accessories. The ideal hairstyle is natural curls or casually braided braids.

The most suitable fabrics for the style: linen, chiffon, lace, cotton, chintz. There are no unambiguous color schemes in the Boho style, but natural shades remain relevant – white, cream, sand, caramel, milk.

The image of the groom in the Boho style

In the image of the groom, Boho creates an even more “relaxed” style.

There is no place for a classic suit. Give preference to trousers or stylish jeans, a linen shirt in combination with a jacket or vest. Suspenders, cufflinks, a butterfly, a boutonniere, a scarf around the neck will make a bright image. Various hats are welcome: caps, hats, etc.

Boho style is about confidence and impeccable taste. With the right accents, you can organize the perfect wedding!

Boho style wedding