5 steps to choosing the perfect wedding dress

5 steps to choosing the perfect wedding dress

Buying a dress is a long-awaited moment while preparing for the wedding for any bride.

How to make the right choice and not mistake in the range of styles, models and styles? The simple tips that we will provide, can help with this.

Step 1. Define the wedding concept

First of all, you need to determine the concept of the wedding, which will suit both you and the groom: place, format, program, decor. Each accent should be well combined with each other, and the dress should reflect not only the character of the bride, but also the idea of the holiday.

We recommend playing with the story of the acquaintance, the proposal, shared hobbies or what sets your couple apart from others, as well as embodying traditions that have always inspired you. Think over the list of guests in advance, choose a restaurant or a banquet hall, determine the design palette, menu, and more.

Actually, you should not buy a puffy dress for a beach wedding or a short outrageous outfit when it comes to celebrating in an old chapel. For example, for a summer holiday, models of the Ariamo Light line made of light fabric without bright and “heavy” decor are suitable. And wedding dresses from the Madioni collection with beautiful lace or appliqués can emphasize the modern classic image of the bride.

Step 2. Choose the silhouette of a wedding dress

The voluminous wedding dress is considered a classic. It is distinguished by the presence of a corset and a fluffy skirt that beautifully emphasizes the chest and waist. Often this option is complemented by a train, which gives the image a certain airiness and romance.

A straight wedding dress has a simpler cut, but it looks very elegant. Most often, the model comes in a one-piece cut and is complemented by accessories: openwork straps, a belt, a train. The skirt can be fitted or loose.

The A-line dress consists of a fitted top and a loose-fitting skirt, which smoothly expands towards the bottom and looks like a bell. This option is suitable for a wedding in a classic style, as well as for a more modern version of the celebration.

Fish. The peculiarity of the dress is a fitted top and a fitted skirt, flared at the knee level. The bodice can be open or closed, with straps, decorated or not. The skirt resembles a mermaid’s tail and highlights the bride’s beautiful hips.

The Empire dress is often compared to the Greek style. Mandatory elements here: a straight neckline, a wide belt under the bust, a slightly flared skirt. The image can be supplemented with jewelry that compensates for the decor on the dress itself.

Boho. Boho wedding dress is focused on freedom, comfort and sustainability. It is characterized by natural materials, simple cut, a large number of handmade decorative elements. The veil is replaced by wreaths, threads, tiaras and hats.

A short wedding dress “wins” in that after the wedding it can be worn as an evening dress. This silhouette has a skirt to or above the knees. A well-known version of a short wedding dress is a baby-doll.

Step 3. View photos online

Today on the Internet you can find a large number of different wedding dresses.

Before you go to the salon for a fitting, look at pictures on photo hosting sites, social networks and other sites that will become sources of inspiration for you. Save the photos you like the most – this will save time and help you understand which style of dress you want the most.

Step 4. Make an appointment for a fitting in the salon

After you have chosen your favorite models of dresses from the photo, browse the websites or catalogs, find them there and sign up for a fitting in a bridal salon located in your city. Only there you can see all the dresses “live”, take a photo, try on a lot of options and choose the best one.

Usually the choice of a wedding dress is a ritual for a family. Therefore, take your mother, sister or girlfriend for a fitting – a loved one knows you and your taste, can offer an interesting idea, and, if necessary, give valuable advice. But remember: the final decision on the choice of a wedding dress is yours.

Step 5. Trust the professionals

A good bridal salon is 50% of success. The dress fitting will take place in a pleasant and calm atmosphere, together with professionals in their field.

We recommend listening to the advice of a stylist who has experience and will tell you about current trends in the fashion world. Your wedding dress will be delivered on the appointed day to the address. You can also pick it up yourself when it is convenient for you after the correction by the figure masters.

Guided by the rules, choosing a wedding dress will be easy and stress-free.

5 steps to choosing the perfect wedding dress